I Hate The Pill: A Rant Review

Author Note: I have recently switched birth control prescriptions. So far, I haven't really gotten any negative symptoms. I might do another review at the end of this prescription. My menstrual cycle has been inconsistent and irregular since I got it at age 11. It started off by only happening every five or six months.... Continue Reading →


Wondrous Strange / Darklight / Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston: Darker Than It Seems

Livingston creates a world that is ugly beneath the fa├žade of beautiful creatures and content lives. The fair folk may have everything they desire but they are not happy. They are too accustomed to bliss for it to hold any power over them.

Too Visible To Be Ignored, Not Visible Enough To Be Understood: Representation

There's something about being different that makes it both a curse and a blessing. Whether you grew up being pressured to change, told to embrace your uniqueness or both. You can probably relate to, at point or another, being consumed by your differences, regardless of whether or not they were the most important aspects of... Continue Reading →

Stop Telling Readers How They Should Interpret A Text

When it comes to interpreting literature, there are two main approaches: death of the author and authorial intent. Death of the Author Authorial Intent the author's intentions and context should not determine what is the correct interpretation of the text mid 20th century literary criticism "The Death of the Author" is a 1967 essay by... Continue Reading →

The Divide: Courtesy of 21st Century Western Gender Roles [Early Childhood]

The Divide: Part 1 Early Childhood Gender is embedded into the English language. Terms such as 'he' 'she' act as a replacement for names. Although a convenient short form, it acts to centralise a person's gender to their identity. This is emphasised by mainstream television, where the baby's gender is the first to be asked... Continue Reading →

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